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Why Not Sea Monsters?: Songs from the New Testament

The name of this band is "Why Not Sea Monsters?" It is made up of singer/songwriter Justin Roberts and producer/arranger Liam Davis. This CD contains all-original songs that are retellings of classic bible stories from the New Testament. Filled with Justin's trademark wit, warmth and catchy hooks, these songs run the gamut. Get ready for a hilarious take on the story of the loaves and fishes to a moving portrait of the good samaritan.

Track Listing:

1. Bigger Fish to Fry 2. Loaves of Bread 3. Walking on the Lake 4. Now You're Back! 5. Not Today 6. Guess Who's 7. Here Beneath This Light 8. Shh Shh Shh 9. What's He Doing Up There? 10. Rub a Dub a Dub Dub 11. Lydia 12. Is It You?

all songs © Justin Roberts, 2005

arranged & realized by Liam Davis

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