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Brand new Space Cadet CD with all three collectible patches: Space Cadet, Unicorn, and Disco ball. Perfect for ironing on jackets, backpacks, caps, and more!

Space Cadet CD


Full of energy, four-time GRAMMY Nominee Justin Roberts’ 16th full length album Space Cadet brings back his power pop all-ages sound with a twist. Alongside his 5 piece rock band, he welcomes jazz horns, 80s synthesizers, soaring strings, harp, and plenty of hand clapping. There is a theme of inclusion and acceptance that winds through these emotionally intelligent songs, allowing children to celebrate their uniqueness and join together, all while dancing and letting out those wiggles.

  1. When February Comes
  2. I Have Been a Unicorn 
  3. Truman was a Tornado
  4. If You Should Dig
  5. Space Cadet
  6. Little Red Wagon
  7. Gimme a Firetruck
  8. I’m Not Just an I
  9. Dance Party
  10. Seven Billion Billion Billion Atoms in Me
  11. Whole Lotta Love in this World
  12. Everybody Get on Board

Space Cadet Patch

Have you been promoted to Space Cadet? Why not show off your absent-minded professor degree with this fancy new Iron-on Space Cadet Patch? Perfect for backpacks, t-shirts, baseball hats, and your Members Only jacket!

Unicorn Patch

Beautiful pink iron-on Unicorn patch. Perfect for backpacks, t-shirts, baseball caps, and jackets! Celebrate your uniqueness with this super cool patch.

Disco Ball Patch

Iron-on Disco Ball Patch. Perfect way to celebrate your cutting edge dance moves, by affixing this to your backpack, t-shirt, baseball cap, or jean jacket!

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