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The Smallest Girl in the Smallest Grade

Picture Book

Justin’s debut picture book featuring the award winning illustrator Christian Robinson. Sally McCabe notices everything and soon she decides to stand up for what is right! This book won the Horace Mann Upstanders Award and was a finalist for the EB White Read Aloud Book Award. Price includes shipping.

I’ll Be Your Polar Bear

Picture Book


Justin’s third picture book, featuring the award winning illustrator Chuck Groenink, is a heartfelt picture book about the lengths a father will go to in order to comfort and protect his child. On a wintry walk in the twilight, a father and child’s antics come to resemble those of playful polar bears. As they tumble through the snow, explore icy caves, and push against the wind, Dad is a constant source of reassurance, comfort, and even a cozy ride home.

The Great Henry Hopendower

Picture Book

The Great Henry Hopendower is an aspiring young magician who learned everything that he knows from his Grandfather. Brilliantly illustrated by Deborah Hocking. This heartwarming story is a celebration of the wonder that surrounds us all and the people we love most. Price includes shipping!

“Even more enchanting than Henry’s magic is Roberts’ gentle way of addressing how Henry handles the loss of his grandfather.”—BCCB

“[A] sensitive, sweet story about a little boy and his grandfather.”—Booklist

Giant Sized Butterflies on Your First Day of School

Picture Book

Find out how butterflies in your tummy are a good thing in this fresh take on being nervous for the first day of school.
When a little girl wakes up on the first day of school, the butterflies in her stomach feel positively giant-sized! She really wants her mom to stay with her, on this first day.
As she and her mom make their way to school, Mom explains how the butterflies are a good thing. Everyone gets them (including parents) and they are a sign of something exciting happening—that we’re about to learn and grow from a new experience and they can help us through it.
So with the butterflies as her guide, the girl soars into her first day.
Beloved children’s songwriter Justin Roberts brings one of his most popular songs to the page, alongside beautifully tender illustrations by Paola Escobar, in a story guaranteed to help readers of all ages reframe their first-day nerves as first-day excitement.

Bring Justin to your School or Library

Justin is available to visit your school or library for assemblies, workshops, and residencies. HIs interactive programs get kids excited about reading and explore topics related to bullying, mindfulness, and the creative process. He performs interactive songs, reads from his picture books, and asks kids to ponder “Where ideas come from?” He also does writing workshops and can adapt his program for most elementary school ages.

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