Justin will write a full-length song about your family and record it in his home studio. He will deliver the song in an mp3 with the lyrics as a separate document. The song will have some midi orchestration and drums where appropriate and sound like a good quality demo recording with instrumentation. I will try to finish the song in a timely manner if you have a holiday or birthday in mind, please let me know when you submit your order. You will need to provide some incredible descriptions and details about your family members for this to be a truly personal song. But even that process can be really meaningful and beautiful to do. Spending time reflecting on your family members and describing what makes them who they are can be a great gratitude meditation. This song will be one of a kind and hopefully make you feel that your family has come to life in a song.

Here’s a song that Justin wrote for another family:

Look what some of these families have said:

OH. MY. GOD. Justin. Roberts. This is perfection.

Instant, insanely catchy material. There are SO many wonderful details, all woven together in the cleverest ways. What?! How???!! We can’t stop playing it. The kids are in love with this song, I can hear my husband humming it in the living room as I type.

The chorus has me in tears, for so many reasons. It’s so perfect. Honestly, I could go on and on about our favorite parts because all the parts are our favorites. 

It’ll be our forever soundtrack. Keep on sharing your gift with the world. – The Kwoka Family


This has exceeded are already-high expectations. We absolutely love it. My parents love it. Our kids love it. Thank you so much for capturing the spirit of our family. We will be dancing to it often and with great enthusiasm!

Thank you again. This is such a great gift. – The Nall Family


WE LOVE THE SONG! You completely captured how we feel about this weird life. Donny says that is so spot on that it is almost hard for him to listen to It brings up all of the questions about whether or not we are doing the right thing. He says that’s how he knows it is the perfect song about our life. Phoebe is already trying to learn the lyrics so she can sing it for her music teacher. We truly love it and will treasure it. 

Thank you for putting so much thought and effort into this. What an amazing experience for us to hear a song about our life. – The Emerick Family

Here’s a little more about what I need from you:

Make some lists about each member in your family and give me an idea of who they are, what they like and care about, what they do. Hobbies, personal traits, family mottos, little tiny details are great. A few anecdotes help even more. The more details the better. A couple funny stories always make the song more interesting. You can include pets or anyone that you consider part of your family.

Just to give you a few examples, when I did the Lemonade fundraiser a few years ago, a family in CA told me that they got married in Dodger stadium, that their daughter always carries around a bunny and whale stuffed animal, that the mother sews, and the father runs a storage company and I created a weird song story out of that where the son and daughter were trying to find their way back to dodgers stadium. With another song, I was told all about the two sisters in the family, the months they were born, their favorite things to do, how their different, how they get along, and in passing the mother mentioned that their hamster Peach had died and I found a way to include that. Even the strangest details like “Jen is always standing on one leg like a flamingo” can really help make a song. I only use a fraction of what I’m given, but the more there is to work from the better the song is.